Central robot for tool magazine equipping

The central robot is intended for loading and unloading the tools in the central tool magazine. When loading or unloading tools using the tool drawer, the robot will move to the tool chip read and write station in each case. In order to further transport the tools to the individual machines, the robot transfers the tools to a transfer station. From here, the robot also collects the tools unloaded from the machine.

If the tool magazine is used as a standalone solution, the central robot will place the tools directly into the tool magazine of the machine or optionally directly into the spindle of the machine.


Detailed information

Tool clamping device at the
central robot

Standard HSK clamping devices adapted to RILE requirements. Additionally equipped with Z-axis compensation in order to achieve higher transfer accuracy. The robot can be equipped with a double gripper unit at any time, particularly when directly inserting the tools into the machine tool.

Central robot
for tool magazine equipping

Type FANUC Robot R-2000; iB125L central robot was equipped with a 7th axis for the longitudinal motion. This way, the magazine can be expanded modularly at any time. At the customer’s request, other robot manufacturers are available.


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