Drawer for tool loading and unloading

At the modular autonomous tool magazine

2 drawers with 5 storage areas in each case are used in order to load the tools into the modular autonomous tool magazine and/or to unload the tools from the same. The tool data is taken from the tool data chip and transferred to the master control.

Additionally, it is also possible to load and unload tools directly at the tool magazine of the machine, however. The tool data is also collected by the tool management function of the master computer automatically at this point.


  • 2 drawers allow for parallel loading and unloading by the employee and the robot

Detailed information

External tool read-head outside of the tool magazine

On the one hand, the tool read-head is intended to read out the tool data in order to provide the operator with information. On the other hand, this station can also be used in order to write data onto the tools.

Tool management

  • tool management for an unlimited number of virtual and real tools
  • shows the current positions and status data of all tools
  • can additionally manage manual and automatic tool storage units
  • saves the date of creation and the most recent spindle use for all tools
  • flexible browsing for spindle time, usage in programmes or jobs

Insertion monitoring

Improper insertion can be ruled out by automatically retrieving the tool position when the tool is inserted into the drawers.


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