EMS master control

Control station software for standalone NC machines
and chained systems

The master control ensures the superordinate communication within the RILE FMS.

The EMS creates connections with the following options:

  • integration and control of transport systems for automated tool and work piece management
  • communication with NC machines, even with different CNC control units
  • communication with other customer software possible, e.g. inter-site tool management
  • control system completely based on PC hardware and MS Windows compatible
  • industrial-suited Siemens hardware with mirrored hard drives for ideal data security, optionally a virtual server is possible
  • server/client technology for a theoretically unlimited number of EMS clients in the network
  • operation also optimised for touch screens
  • remote diagnostics contained in standard version


  • all functions are available at all stations
  • user administration, in order to grant or deny access to functions for certain people
  • Hardware-independent: in the event of hardware failure, system administration from another client
  • optimised fully automatic operation
  • raw material processing
  • multi-side processing
  • automatic position indicators for the tools
  • predictive tool planning, including loading and unloading lists
  • automatic supply of the machines with NC programmes
  • sending/receiving NC programmes manually is further possible

Further options:

  • incorporation of presetting devices, paternoster, tool identification systems, operating data analysis according to VDV3423/OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), device management, TPM

Detailed information

Main functions

All required functions in order to control a flexible manufacturing system with one software:

  • tool management
  • NC programme management
  • job management
  • pallet management
  • trolley management

System information

  • graphic system overview
  • all machine conditions and pallet conditions at one glance
  • manual transports are possible by simply selecting the source and destination pallets in the graph
  • indication of all pending alarms and messages of the connected machines

Analysis tools

Using the BDE/MDE analysis tool, all production data can be analysed comfortably and published directly in the form of a customer report.

  • long-term analyses of NC programmes (trend identifications, comparisons between machines)
  • runtime comparisons (how long do NC programmes run in planning in comparison with in reality)
  • alarm duration analyses (how long do which alarms pend at the machines)
  • Re-chucking analyses (how long does it take the operator to re-chuck)
  • VDI 3423 analysis
  • OEE analysis

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