Flexible pallet storage unit

The flexible pallet storage unit is a shelving system that is used in order to store the machine pallets, as well as the raw and finished parts (optional) required for manufacture.

The shelf is a steel structure consisting of vertical and horizontal beams. In order to position the machine pallets, pallet-specific cross beams are attached between the horizontal beams. The storage shelf is attached to the floor by means of expanding type foundation bolts.


  • dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 25x5x6m
  • 55 machine pallet locations are present in the shelf; can be adapted modularly at any time
  • max weight 1,850kg in this version

Detailed information

Shelf pallet location

Below the machine pallet locations, there are collection pans for dripping coolant. The coolant is guided from the pans via a pipeline and can thus be directed into a collection tank and/or returned to the machine.

Pallet transfer

Into the shelf with extracted telescopic fork

  • stroke: 1,600mm (can be extended upon customer’s request) load-bearing capacity: 2,000kg
  • telescopic forks with reduced deflection for more accurate transfer of the pallets

Lifting unit

In the machine equipment station in extracted condition

  • in order to lift off the pallet at the equipment station of the machine
  • in order to retract the telescopic forks

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