Modular autonomous tool magazine

The modular autonomous tool magazine is a central tool storage unit that is used to supply the machine tools connected within the RILE FMS with tools. The number of tools stored in the tool magazine can be configured in a customisable manner.

After having loaded the tools into the modular autonomous tool magazine via the tool drawer, the tool data is checked. Therefore the robot will move to a defined position where the tool chip write- and read station is located, after having removed the tool from the drawer.

Here, the tool data contained on the chip at the tool is read out and transferred automatically to the master control. This way, the tool is defined in the tool management system of the overall system and stored with all required data.

The tools can be stored either by means of a fixed location ID code or by using envelope curves.

The modular autonomous tool magazine can also be used in standalone operation at an individual machine tool.

Detailed information


Used for loading and unloading the tool magazine. Since the tool position is retrieved automatically when inserting the tool into the drawer, improper insertion is eliminated.

Write and read head

On the one hand, the head serves for reading out tool data when loading the tools into the system, on the other hand, the tools are identified with the current data at the point when they are unloaded from the system.

Tool tower

- approx. 50 tool stations per tower.
- max tool size:

  • full diameter: Ø 280mm
  • bridge tools max Ø 550mm
  • length: 600mm

- max. tool weight 35kg
- HSK shape A nominal size 100 according
to DIN 69893-1
- at the customer’s request, other tool types, weights, and geometries possible thanks to the modular design of the tool racks

Central robot

The central robot ensures that the tools in the modular autonomous tool machine are loaded and unloaded.

Transfer station

The transfer station is intended to transfer the tools from the central robot of the tool magazine to the shuttle robot.
- 5 transfer stations

Safety light grid

Allows for harmlessly opening the RILE tool drawers even when the robot is approaching the transfer station.


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