Shuttle robot with tool bag

The shuttle robot provides the individual machine tools with tools from the central tool magazine. It also transports the tools no longer required by the machine tool back into the central tool magazine. It is also possible to transfer tools from one machine to another.

In order to optimise the motion routes and in order to increase the cycle time, the shuttle robot is equipped with a tool bag (buffer storage unit) containing 5 tool stations.

Detailed information

Shuttle robot

  • type Fanuc Robot R-1000iA 100F on the 7th axis
  • velocity: 2m/sec
  • at the customer’s request, other robot manufacturers are available too

Tool bag with 5 storage areas

Tool storage positions in the bag are equipped with a clamping unit. This clamping unit serves as transport locking device against falling, but particularly in order to guarantee transportation in correct position. This way, it is ensured that the transfer accuracy of 0.8 to 1.0mm is guaranteed.

Shuttle robot above the floor

The shuttle robot is located on a 7th axis at a height of 3.5m. Therefore, the machines are accessible at all times. Thus, the revolving tool sluice of the machine tool, as well as the medium supply, and the chip disposal unit are accessible without any limitations.


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