Storage and retrieval vehicle

The storage and retrieval vehicle is responsible for storing and retrieving machine pallets, raw and finished parts (optional) in the pallet storage unit, the equipment stations, and the machine tools.

It is mounted to a rail running parallel to the storage. The storage shelves are located on one or both sides of the rail.

Telescopic forks are attached to the lifting sledge of the storage and retrieval vehicle that are required in order to load and unload the machine, the pallet storage unit, and the equipment station.

The driving sledge is equipped with a coolant pan. The coolant is returned to the machines from the container of the driving sledge using a drain. The storage and retrieval vehicle is a 2-column vehicle consisting of a welded frame that is operated with 3 position-controlled NC axes.

Detailed information

Control unit of the storage and retrieval vehicle

In the event of failures or in case of maintenance work, the machine operator can use the control unit of the storage and retrieval vehicle in order to release and manoeuvre the storage and retrieval vehicle.

2-colum storage and retrieval vehicle

Lifting capacity: 1,850kg, including pallets, device, and work piece
Driving velocity in loaded condition

X-axis 2.0m / sec.
Y-lifting 0.5m / sec.
Z-axis 0.5m / sec.

Pallet transfer from storage and retrieval vehicle to CNC machining centre

Depending on the type of machine tool, you will be provided with an individually adapted transfer unit.


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