Work piece loading station and central measuring station

for pallet loading

The machine pallets are loaded with the work pieces and the work pieces are unloaded from the machine pallets at two work piece loading stations that can be arranged individually as required by the customer. At the customer’s request, the work piece loading stations can also be used for loading and unloading raw parts. In this, the parts are stored to the shelving system.

In order to rule out the presence of no longer up-to-date shop drawings, the current drawings and test schedules are always digitalised at the work piece loading station and are updated automatically.

At the central measuring station, the current shop drawing, as well as the test schedule and further documents accompanying the work can be retrieved clearly on a large screen in each case. Height-adjustable measuring tables are used to perform and document accompanying measurements and tests.

Detailed information

Work piece loading station

The machine pallet is indexed on the work piece loading station and can be rotated by 360 degrees either manually or electrically. Thanks to the ground-level design, the pallet is freely accessible and an ergonomic way of working is guaranteed.

Anti-collision device due
to swivel-mounted frame

This is intended to control the maximum admissible pallet height and width. If the pallet storage unit is loaded with too large a component, the system will switch to failure.

Measuring table

Height-adjustable measuring table for an ergonomic way of working

360° swivel-mounted


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